ou don't necessarily need to spend a lot of time or make great sacrifices to help more people read books which serve the dissemination of Islamic moral values. There is a lot you can do at home, in school, sitting with your friends or studying. Just by setting aside a few minutes a day, you can be a means whereby many people come to know about the moral values of Islam:

If you are a student;

- You can encourage the playing of audio tapes which discuss the moral values of Islam or the miracles of the Qur'an in your school bus to make the time pass more profitably.

- If you are a student you can prepare scientific homework projects, when the subject matter is up to you, based on the works of Harun Yahya. - In your spare time you can meet your friends at home and watch documentaries based on the works of Harun Yahya.

- In break times you can tell your friends what you have learned from Harun Yahya's books. You can even do this on a regular basis. Everyone can learn five signs leading to faith at home and then tell the others in the group about them the next day. If there are five of you in your group, and each member tells the others of 5 signs leading to faith, then that makes 25 signs a day. You will thus be able to educate yourself in this area very quickly and establish an important source of knowledge when describing the moral values of Islam.

- You must constantly improve yourself in order to serve Islam in a more effective manner. You can read about using computers, researching on the Internet and preparing websites. You can improve your foreign languages and raise your own cultural level. That will enable you to perform serious work in the dissemination of Islam.

- You can give your friends books by Harun Yahya which you have already read, on condition that they, in due course, hand them on to someone else.

- You can set up a notice board in your school, putting up new, thought-provoking signs leading to faith, miracles of the Qur'an and examples of proper moral values, every week.

- You can encourage all your friends to surf and subscribe to Internet sites based on the works of Harun Yahya. -

If you are a housewife;

- You can invite friends and neighbors around for a chat and then show them documentaries, or else tell them about interesting chapters from books describing the moral values of Islam or Allah's art of creation.

- You can make use of Harun Yahya's books for children when telling your own children about the moral values of Islam and the proofs of Allah's creation in the universe. You can have them watch Harun Yahya documentaries and enjoy themselves reading Harun Yahya's books for children. You can thus be a means whereby children raised according to such moral values become auspicious individuals, loyal to spiritual values, in later years.

- If your children are still very young you can read them a few pages from the children's books before they go to sleep. You can encourage them to praise Allah and say their prayers before going to sleep.

- You must educate your children so they can avoid unwelcome trends and harmful groups. You can enable them to understand this danger by encouraging them to watch Harun Yahya's videos such as Satanism: Satan's Bloody Teaching.

- You can establish for your children and friends an environment in which they can watch documentaries about signs leading to faith, the moral values of Islam and the lives of the prophets. You can hold tea-parties and show the documentaries yourself.

- If you have a computer at home and have access to the Internet you can show visitors websites, books etc. that describe the moral values of Islam, the miracles of the Qur'an and the proofs of Allah's creation.

- You can establish an environment in which elderly people you know can listen to audio tapes about the moral values of Islam.

- You can build a library at home, displaying the Harun Yahya collection, and show its contents to visitors.

- You can donate books and documentaries you have already read or watched to local schools.

- You can visit local old folks' homes or child protection associations and read to the people there, or show them documentaries. By setting aside just a few hours you can encourage dozens of people to think about Allah.

- You can be careful to avoid wasteful spending in your own home. With the money you save, you can buy books and magazines about Islamic moral values.

- You can listen to Harun Yahya audio cassettes at mealtimes, tell your friends about them and encourage them to listen to them, too.

- When buying presents for special occasions you can give books, VCDs or audio cassettes appropriate to the age of the person concerned. Thanks to these gifts you can be a means whereby your family and friends come to grow stronger in faith.

- When visiting other people you can take them books instead of flowers, chocolates and the like. You can tell all your family and friends about the logic behind your doing this and encourage them to do the same.

- You can hand round copies of articles by Harun Yahya from the newspapers in which they appear and encourage more people to read them.


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