he purpose behind the preparation of this site is to be a guide to those who wish to disseminate Allah's religion and to bring the moral values of Islam to prevail in the world. Everyone can make a contribution, whether it be great or small. One person may possess material means, while another can use the knowledge he or she has accumulated in the service of Islam. The lives of our Prophet (pbuh), sent by Allah as a mercy on all mankind, of the other holy prophets, of their disciples and of the other devout Muslims who have ever lived, are all full of examples in this regard. The faithful joined forces to tell people about the moral values which they thought would be pleasing to Allah.

Our Prophet (pbuh) communicated Allah's religion with great determination and educated people by telling them of the moral values of the Qur'an. Behind this determination, success and courage of his lie his powerful faith in and submission to Allah. As when he was in the cave, our Prophet (pbuh) knew that Allah was always with him, and believed that Allah caused everything that happened and that He would cause every event to resolve itself in the most auspicious manner. The following hadith is an example of his submission which saw goodness in everything:

Strange are the ways of a believer for there is good in every affair of his and this is not the case with anyone else except in the case of a believer for if he has an occasion to feel delight he thanks [Allah], thus there is a good for him in it, and if he gets into trouble and shown resignation (and endures it patiently), there is a good for him in it. (Muslim)

It is a grave error for a person to fall victim to despair because his or her means are limited. The important thing is for a person to serve with godliness and sincerity, hoping to be rewarded solely by Allah. It is not important whether the deed is great or small. It is the sincerity that matters, striving solely for Allah's sake.

For instance, a person may lack material means. He or she may be bed-ridden, or blind, or deaf, or unable to hold things. He or she may be unable to walk, speak or write. Yet that person must regard his or her situation as a blessing from Allah, as something auspicious, and must use all his or her available means. Such people must never forget that they can be of enormous assistance to Islam, even though bed-ridden, by praying for those who wage the intellectual struggle in the path of Allah, by contemplating in order to deepen their faith in Allah, by reminding those around them of His verses, by producing ideas, reading if they can, or writing.

Regarding everything that happens, whether it seems good or bad, positive or negative, as auspicious, is an important feature of moral values which stems from sincere faith in Allah and is a lifestyle brought with it by that faith. Awareness of that truth opens the door of all blessings in this world and the next, and brings with it peace and calm.

The way that a believer never feels sorrow or falls into pessimism is a sign that he or she has a correct conception of faith. The inability to look at events positively, living in a constant state of restlessness and hopelessness, and always expecting the worst are indications of a hazy conception of clear, pure faith. That mist must be lifted at once, and the joy of uninterrupted faith must be made a feature of life. When people who have faith in Allah encounter unwelcome situations they must know that these are the most auspicious for them. Words such as "hitch," "regrettable," and "if only" must only be used for the purposes of learning. In other words, one must always think along the lines of "this event is auspicious and full of wisdom, but I must not make the same mistake again, but must act in the light of what I have just learned." If one finds oneself in the same situation again or makes the same mistake again, one must still remember that all things are created with wisdom and resolve to do the right thing the next time around. Indeed, even if the same thing happens time and time again a Muslim must still be aware that there is something auspicious in it, because that is the law of Allah, and the law of Allah can never be broken.

A person becomes tranquil and in balance when he or she knows that the goodness and wisdom of Allah continue uninterrupted. Understanding that truth in this world is a great blessing for believers. Someone who lives far removed from the religion and in a state of denial experiences permanent suffering, regarding everything that happens as being in his or her disfavor. The believer, on the other hand, experiences the joy of being able to see the wise and auspicious aspects of everything.

Adopting a middle path, interpreting the events he or she encounters as both good and bad and suffering on that account can also be a source of shame for the believer in the hereafter. Idly and heedlessly misinterpreting such a truth, which is so simple and evident, failing to accept it with one's heart and mind, may lead to suffering in this world and the next. It must be clearly understood that the destiny prepared by Allah has been created to be totally flawless. In this whole, composed of millions of separate events, there is nothing but beauty, goodness and wisdom for a person who interprets them properly. With his will and reason a true believer never falls prey to Satan's snares in the course of his daily life. Whatever the form of the event, the people involved, the time or place, he never forgets that it is auspicious. He may not be able to identify the auspicious element at the time, but the important thing is that he firmly believes in its existence.

People who wish to serve Islam may also find themselves facing material and spiritual deficiencies, difficulties and troubles. Yet it is Allah, the Lord of all the worlds, Who creates all of these. People are tested under such conditions with regard to the moral values they will exhibit. As we have emphasized during the course of this section, the important thing is to see the auspicious aspect of everything and to strive with all one's might to spread the religion of Allah.

There now follow some suggestions for people who think that they cannot be of service because their means are too limited, or that they cannot find the time or that they cannot be of service because of physical impediments.

If you think you do not have the time;

- You can spend less time watching television and use it telling people about the moral values of the Qur'an.

- You can avoid soap operas and lifestyle programs that will not be of any use to you and spend that time reading about Islamic moral values and looking at similar websites.

- You can make time by not engaging in empty and unnecessary talk.

- You can avoid magazines and newspapers that are of no benefit to their readers.

- If you think your material means are too limited;

- Instead of buying newspapers and magazines that will never be of any benefit to you, you can buy ones, such as Islamic Insight, that contain useful information. You can then hand these round your friends and thus be of use to them. - You can collect interesting reports from the newspapers and magazines you read and send them to the publisher to be used in books. -

If you cannot afford to buy a book on your own you can always club together with friends and buy one that way. You can then hand such books round to your friends.

- If your own funds are not sufficient you can speak to your friends in the local area and set up a library in someone's house. You can put the books you buy in it and thus allow several people to benefit from them.

- You can collect old audio cassettes and re-record Harun Yahya tapes over them and then give these to your family and friends to listen to.

- If buying and copying CDs and books is beyond your budget you can buy 10 floppy discs. You can then copy books and articles from websites which deal with the moral values of Islam and give them to your friends. You can also encourage them to hand these on to other people once they have finished with them.


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